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Mayor's Grant Programme Signup

The Mayor and Council of the Point Fortin Borough Corporation have embarked on an initiative to provide digital grants to persons in need and those affected financially by the current COVID-19 situation. While there are a number of social assistance programmes and grants already available, the mayor understands that there may still be persons within the Borough who have not been able to access some of these programmes or relief efforts. Because of precautions that have to be taken, in light of the situation with the coronavirus, agencies may not be able to process the volume of persons coming in on a daily basis for support. As such, the mayor has seen it fit to make use of available technology to provide these grants to persons who may not have received any form of assistance as yet. He sees it as a way to provide a safe, and accessable means of help to those within our community who need it. He has also partnered with various Corporate entities and businesses from within the community to help provide funding for these grants.

To apply for the digital grant from the Mayor's Grant Programme, click on the link below:

Mayor Richard's Grant Programme Signup Form