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Borough Logo and its meaning



Point Fortin Borough Logo


The main colours of red, black and white which enclose the body of the design, identify with the national colours, reflecting the Corporation’s status as the first Republic Borough and the motto by extension reflecting our national aspirations.

The name written in brilliant yellow is set against the ring shaped, black background signifying the rich natural resource of the region (black gold: oil) which has been so crucial in Point Fortin’s evolution. This wealth is heralded by a laurel of cocoa leaves which represent the early cocoa estates and our appreciation for these humble beginnings and for the labour of those who built the foundations of today’s society.

The background incorporates the form of a steelpan and intermeshing gears which respectively portray the cultural  and industrial/commercial activity that influence our community’s and by extension our nation’s advancement. The colour of the “notes” stretch from yellow to red, projecting the vibrancy and wealth produced by the region.

The brilliant yellow lines of latitude and longitude delineate the ever evolving industrial role that affects even the international community with whom we share our talents and our treasures. This energy exploding globe is synergized by the vision of a modernized, technology-driven municipality and the focus on the future of Point Fortin.

The three figurines show the diversity of the Point Fortin people while affirming our function as a microcosm of Trinidad and Tobago. The hands of the figures are tilted upwards as a symbol of praise and abiding faith in God, and as a sign of sharing our resources with the world.

The different features are layered to form an insignia which can be applied to past, present and future. While these features each have their individual importance, their combination forms an inter-relation that harmonizes and further creates the final effect to fully represent the Borough of Point Fortin.