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A Profile (Who We Are...What We Do)

Caring FriendsThe Caring Friends Group consists mainly of employees of the Point Fortin Corporation of which the Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Patricia Bradshaw is the Chief Advisor. We are a non-denominational, non- profit, non- political group of concerned persons whose motivation is the love for God and humanity.

This group was formed in February 2002.

It started with an inspiration of one of its founding members growing from just eleven members to approximately twenty –eight, with many associated and supporting members.

The main objective of the group is to touch as many lives as possible by assisting spiritually, educationally and socially towards improving the lives of children, men and women in our community. We are also committed to encouraging and supporting the less fortunate thus our Motto -  “TOUCHING LIVES” We support the statement “Giving  you a fish, you are fed for a day:  but teaching you to fish you are fed for a lifetime”

To date, we have touched many lives, spiritually, financially and educationally as well as adding delightful memories to their existence.

The group has on its yearly calendar outings for senior citizens, shut-ins and under-privileged children in the Borough and environs who are deprived of the opportunity for socialization and exposure to undiscovered territory in the country.

We conduct weekly prayer meetings on Wednesdays, giving attention to the sick and shut-ins

From time to time Caring Friends will hold fund raisers such as Breakfast Mornings and Gospel Concerts which are used to offset our expenses.

A Caroling Group has been organized where we visit institutions such as Hospitals, homes for the aged, and Children’s Homes taking with us treats and a Santa Claus to bring cheer to them for the Christmas Holidays.

We have  embarked on an Educational Programme where members educate themselves on the services provided by various government agencies so that the relevant information could be passed on to the aged, disabled, unemployed and those living under the poverty line.

Areas given consideration are  CEDAP, Social Services – Community Skill Bank for the unemployed, Food Badge requirements, Public Assistance, Disability Grant, Habitat, SHARE, MUST and HYPE                              

These Programmes are just a few of the services that would be of great assistance to the public.

Caring Friends have celebrated Ten Years as an organization and have commemorated this milestone with a Thanksgiving Service on Thursday 5th April 2012.

We have reason to thank God because our membership has grown and with God’s help we have touched many, many lives.  What a wonderful Father he is, His love knows no boundaries.

With the blessings of Almighty God, the love and togetherness of the Group and our associates alike we wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you for supporting Caring Friends in helping us to achieve this milestone.

Meet Our Members

Meet our members - Caring Friends

Back Row from left to right standing
O’Neil Sanichara, Jude Davidson, Da’ Shawn Joseph, Patricia Sylvester-Thomas, Kitisha Blash, Angela David- Isaac, Charmaine Crichlow, Angela Calder, Helen Blache and Itwariya Soondar
Front sitting: Joylyn Paul- Joseph, Sheila Brazzier, Angela Wells-John and Donna Grant-Cashe