I have a death in my family, how do I proceed to get a plot to bury my family member?

Provision and Maintenance of Burial Grounds / Burial of a Person

The use of the Public Cemeteries is controlled by the Point Fortin Borough Corporation.


  • The death certificate of the deceased person must be presented to the Cemetery Keeper.
  • A deposit voucher is prepared and given to the applicant/s so that the appropriate fee can be deposited.
  • Once fees are paid the Cemetery Keeper will supervise the burial.

The appropriate fees are then remitted to the Corporation’s Cashier

Merle Porter Lee is Cemetery Keeper responsible for Point Fortin Cemetery and Cap de Ville Cemetery. She can be contacted at 648 2419 or 648 3467

I want to obtain a stall in the market to sell my produce. How can I achieve this?

Application for Use of Market Stalls

Applicants must collect, complete and return the completed application form to the Corporation’s  Market Administrator

The application is presented to the Council for approval.

Upon approval by the Council, a licence to vend is issued to the applicant.

Time-frame for delivery: Approximately one (1) month.

Fees are prescribed by the relevant Point Fortin Corporation for the category of Stall requested.

What is the procedure to use an area or facility controlled by the corporation?

Use of Stages, Recreation Grounds, Squares and Parks

This service relates to the use of recreation grounds, stages, squares and parks to host events.

Requests must be made in writing to the Chief Executive Officer of the Point Fortin Borough Corporation

All requests is forwarded to the respective Council Meeting for consideration by Council, if approved Administration will respond in writing and the necessary steps will be taken to inform the relevant persons and schedule use of the facility.

Timeframe for processing application is one month.

I am a primary school teacher and I need to share information with my class on public health issue within the borough. Can the corporation supply the required information?

Health Care (Primary)

Dissemination of Information

Pamphlets can be obtained at the Point Fortin Borough Corporation concerning issues affecting the burgesses of Point Fortin.  Visits are made to Schools within the district to educate the students concerning Public Health.  Announcements are also made within the district concerning specific issues such as garbage collection and mosquito threats amongst others.

 Education on Environmental Maintenance

The Public Health Department conducts lectures and, seminars as part of its public outreach. Target group includes all schools, NGO’s Corporation employees, Village Councils etc.

Topics are determined by current Public Health issues eg. Dengue fever, in some circumstances, upon requests.

Local government representatives are encouraged to formulate specific programmes in conjunction with the Health Department.

The department is proactive in respect of Health Education, issuing bulletins and circulars on specific policies eg. Littering, waste management.

My neighbour is dumping rubbish in his yard that is creating an offensive smell and I need to lodge a complaint. Which department handles complaints of this nature?

Investigation of Public Health Complaints

The burgess lodging the complaint can either call or visit the Public Health Department and provide all the information related to the case. The Complaint number is 648-4570

The Public Health Inspector for the respective area will investigate the matter and take the appropriate action which may or may not necessitate legal action. Where the Point Fortin Borough Corporation is implicated, the matter is resolved through internal action.

How can I obtain a food badge?

Issuing of Food Badges

  1. Applicants must visit the Public Health Department
  2. The applicant must provide
    • A medical certificate indicating fitness for a food badge
    • A form of Identification
    • Two passport photos
    • Complete the approved Schedule III application form
  3. Process
    • The application is evaluated for compliance with the requirements
    • Payment of the registration fee is made to the Point Fortin Corporation’s cashier
    • The applicant presents the receipt and a Public Health Inspector interviews the applicant to evaluate the nature of the application as well as to determine the specific guidelines for the applicants' chosen food business as different Food services require different guidelines.
    • Where necessary, visits to Preparation Areas are scheduled, particularly for itinerant vendors.
    • All food handlers must attend a weekly general lecture before the Food badge is issued and which is valid for one calendar year.
I own a restaurant and bar, do I have a legal obligation to register with the Public Health Department of the corporation?

Food Premises Registration: (hotels, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, shops, etc.)

  • The Public Health Department issues Food Preparation Registration Certificates based on an evaluation by a team of qualified food Inspectors. Persons who seek registration must obtain an application form from the Public Health Department.
  • With regard to premises where Alcohol is sold, applicants must apply to the District Court.
  • The application is referred to the Point Fortin Corporation Public Health Inspector who will investigate, inspect and report on the suitability of the premises for the approval of the Magistrate.
  • The district court will usually provide a comprehensive list of applicants in the months of January and February for the forthcoming year.

Public Convenience (restrooms)

  • The Point Fortin Borough Corporation offers this facility at playfields, recreation grounds, markets, beaches and the central business district.
  • Fees are applicable at some facilities eg. Beaches
I have noted a sudden increase of rats in my area, should I report this to the public health department of the corporation?

Assistance for Rodent, Insect Vector and Vermin Control

The Municipal Corporation provides a routine service for

  • Control of communicable diseases eg. Insect Vector Control Division, Dengue, Leptospirosis etc.
  • Control of nuisance pests eg. Fleas, ticks
  • Community Rodent Control

Persons may lodge a complaint with the Public Health Department for assistance, advice or direct intervention.

The control of areas where Offensive odours arise is also the responsibility of the unit.

My cesspit needs cleaning, what is the procedure to have this done?

Cleaning of Septic Tanks and Private Cesspits

Applicants are required to:

  1. Visit the Public Health Department of the Point Fortin Corporation and make a request. An application form is completed with the assistance of the staff.
  2. Payment is made to the Point Fortin Borough Corporation’s Cashier
  3. The applicant returns the receipt to the Public Health department for scheduling of the job.

Timeframe for service delivery: Three days unless in cases of emergency where an emergency fee applies.

Schools and some public institutions do not incur a service fee.

How is garbage collection handled within the borough?

Garbage/Collection and Disposal of

All Municipal Corporations provide routine service at least three (3) times a week generally (for household refuse).

Bulk Waste: Burgesses contacts the department. The waste is evaluated and where necessary a fee is charged. Small quantities of Bulk waste are collected routinely.

The indiscriminate disposal of Bulk waste may prompt enforcement of the Litter Act.

Our area has not received a pipe borne water supply for the last two weeks. Can the Corporation assist with this?

Supply of Water (Truck Borne)

 This service is provided by all Municipal Corporations.

Water is delivered to all areas not served by pipe borne supply and is based on an approved schedule.

This is facilitated by a verbal or written request to the Local Government Representative or the Public Health Inspector at the Corporations;

Water is delivered based on a priority listing, e.g, institutions such as schools and Health Facilities will be served before households.