Disaster Management


In accordance with the Local Government mandate as the First Responder, the Disaster Management Unit has the primary responsibility based on its proximity to the disaster event to respond to level one (1) emergency such as flooding, earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides and fires at the local level. The recovery and relief efforts at the local level are in response to the severity of the natural, technological or manmade event and are directly dependent on the classification level of the incident.

  • Supervises and coordinates activities within the Municipal Corporation’s Emergency Operation Centre.
  • Advises the CEO and the Chief Disaster Management Coordinator on the activities related to all phases of disaster management.
  • The implementation of the Disaster Management Policy of the Ministry of Local Government.
  • Liaise with Ministry of Local Government and the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM) in the implementation of the National Disaster Management Plan for Trinidad.
  • Participate in research, coordination and evaluation of policies, strategies, programmes and plans relevant to disaster management within the Ministry of Local Government in collaboration with the Chief Executive Officer and other stakeholder organizations.
  • Compile, analyze and evaluate data for decision making relevant to disaster management and media releases.
  • Work collaboratively with organizations to review design plans for managing emergencies in the municipal community.
  • Designs and submits recommendations and proposals for the implementation and development of response and recovery plans.
  • Develop a policy on the provision, management, operations and access by users for the ambulance and omnibus service.
  • Facilitates the institutional strengthening of the Municipal Corporation to undertake development control activities.