Statutory Meetings

Statutory Meeting

The Statutory Meeting is held on the 4th Tuesday of each month and is open to the public. At this meeting reports of the various committees are presented for ratification.

Agenda for Statutory Meetings

  • Prayer
  • Announcements
  • Minutes
  • Minutes of the Last Statutory Meeting
  • Matters arising out of the minutes
  • Papers and correspondence to be laid
  • Reports for Adoption
    • Public Health, Education and Welfare Committee
    • Community Development, Culture and Celebrations committee
    • Personnel Committee
    • Buildings, Institutions and Public Utilities Committee
    • Physical Infrastructure Committee
    • Public Safety & Environment Committee
    • Sport & Youth Affairs Committee
  • Minutes for Acceptance
  • Petitions
  • Questions
  • Personal Explanations
  • Motions
  • Other Matters

The venue for these meeting is usually the Council Chamber, but in recent times the Council has taken these meetings to the various communities of the borough.

Resolutions                        Motions